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Learn about standard users, admins, and guests

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There are 3 different types of users in Slab: standard users, admins, and guests.

Each type has a different level of access, and each user is attached to one user type.

The majority of your users will likely be standard users, with a handful of admins and guests.

Standard users

Standard users are the default in Slab, and have basic access. 

Standard users can:

  • Create and delete posts and topics

  • Join topics

  • Adjust the membership of topics they've joined

  • Add new users


Admins have all of the standard user access, along with additional control over team settings. They'll have an admin badge: 

Admins can:


Guest accounts give your team the flexibility to add external users without granting them full access to your Slab. (They also aren't included in your total user count!) 

They'll have a guest badge: 

Guests can:

  • View topics they've joined

  • Create posts and subtopics in topics they've joined

Guests can't:

  • See or access topics they haven't joined

  • Join topics without permissions

  • Invite new users

  • Create new parent topics

  • Delete parent topics

You can set up a provision to determine what topics your guests will join upon onboarding, but you can always add them to other topics later. 

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