Onboard new users with your most relevant content
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With Slab's Provisions, team admins can customize a new hire's onboarding experience. This makes it easier for them to quickly access the most relevant information without getting overwhelmed.

Setting up provisions

To access provisions:

  1. Click your team name in the top-left corner of the sidebar

  2. Click Team settings in the dropdown menu

  3. Click Provisions in the left sidebar

Creating new provisions

In the Provisions page, you can click Add new to create a new provision.

You can then name your provision and assign them a type of role. Choose User to give them standard access, Admin for complete access, and Guest for limited access.ย 

Under Membership, choose any posts, topics, or groups you want these users to join. You can also select favorite topics or posts under Favorites โ€” this will pin the content to users' sidebars for easy access.

Check the box for Registration URL if you want to be able to invite teammates to the provision via a secret link.

When new users sign in for the first time, they'll see the topics and favorites you chose pinned to their left-hand sidebar!

Inviting new teammates using provisions

When you invite new teammates, you'll have the option to add them to any provisions you've set up.

If you enabled URL registration, you can also share that link instead! Add the URL to your welcome email or onboarding materials to make it easy for teammates to join you on Slab.

Deleting provisions

To delete a provision, go to your provision settings, click Edit, and then click Delete provision.

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