Managing teammates
View and manage your team's Slab accounts all in one place
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Slab admins can manage their teammates' accounts all from one place! This includes viewing the total number of teammates, editing profiles, adjusting user types, and deactivating/reactivating teammates.

Accessing the Teammates page

To access the Teammates page:

  1. Click your team name in the top-left corner of the sidebar

  2. Click Teammates in the dropdown menu

Filtering and searching for teammates

At the top right corner of the list, you can apply filters to narrow down the list. You can also search specifically by name or email. Filters and keywords can be combined for a more targeted search.


Account type

You can read more about different user types in this dedicated article.


  • Active: All users who can log in to Slab

  • Deactivated: Former users who can no longer log into Slab

  • Invited: Invited users who still have not accepted an invitation request

  • Pending: Invitations waiting to be approved by an admin

  • Rejected: Invitations that an admin has rejected

Editing a teammate's profile

Admins can edit a teammate's profile picture, name, title, and description.

To edit:

  1. Click on the … menu next to the teammate's name

  2. Click Edit profile

Updating user types

Admins can promote and demote teammates. For example, they can promote a standard user to an admin or downgrade a standard user to a guest.

To update a teammates account type:

  1. Click the … menu next to the teammate's name

  2. Depending on the account type of the teammate, click on the Promote or Demote menu item

Deactivating a teammate

As an admin, you can deactivate a teammate so they can no longer log in to your organization. Ownership of a deactivated teammate's published posts must be transferred to another teammate.

To deactivate a teammate:

  1. Click on the … menu next to the teammate's name

  2. Click Deactivate

  1. A pop-up window will appear, and you can change ownership of the deactivated teammate's published posts. Click the Change button and select the new owner.

  2. Click the Confirm button.

The teammate who has been deactivated will be removed from the lists of post contributors, unless they were the sole contributor. Should further edits be made to those posts, the deactivated team member will become hidden, as they will no longer be the sole contributor.

Reactivating a deactivated teammate

To reactive a teammate whose account has been deactivated:

  1. Click Filter

  2. Click Deactivated

  1. Click on the … menu next to the teammate's name

  2. Click the Restore menu item

Note: Reactivated team members must rejoin any topics and/or groups they previously were part of.

Invite teammates

From the teammate's page, you can invite even more members to your team. Learn more about how to invite teammates here.

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