Secure your Slab with SSO and 2FA

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Authentication helps your team control who has access to your documentation and how they access it. Keep your data secure with single sign-on (SSO) and 2-factor authentication (2FA)! πŸ”’

Admins can view their team's SSO providers and SSO settings on the Security page:

  1. Click your team name in the top-left corner of the sidebar.

  2. Click Team settings in the dropdown menu.

  3. Click Security in the left sidebar.

SSO settings

SSO allows users to sign into Slab using an account from another app. Slab supports SSO through Google, Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft/Office 365/Azure AD, and Slack.

Team admins can choose from 3 different enforcement settings β€” SSO required for all users, SSO required for team members, or SSO optional.

SSO required for all users

SSO will be required for all users, including guests, when admins choose All users are required to log in using SSO.

All users, including guests, must log in with SSO. New team members and guests must sign up with their team email address.

SSO required for team members

SSO will be required for all team members when admins choose Admins and regular users are required to log in using SSO.

All team members must log in with SSO, and any new team members must sign up with their team address. Guests can still sign up and log in with any email address and password.

SSO optional

SSO will be optional when admins choose Anyone can login in with either SSO or a password.

All users, including guests, can log in and sign up with SSO or with any email address and password.

New users

New users can either be invite-only, or automatically created when they sign in using their team email address SSO.

2-factor authentication (2FA)

If 2-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled through your SSO provider (such as Google or Okta), this will carry over into Slab as well. All users will then be required to sign in with 2FA.

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