Inviting teammates

Add members and guests to your team's Slab account

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Inviting teammates

If your team does not require admin approval for invitations, both admins and standard users can invite other teammates to Slab in the Invite teammates button in the bottom left corner of your team's Slab.

You can manually type emails or copy and paste a list into the box, and it will automatically separate the emails, as long as there is a paragraph break or comma in the original copied text.

If you have Slack or Google integrated, it's easier than ever to invite new teammates. When you start typing a teammate's name, we'll automatically pull a list of everyone associated with your integrated accounts.

Additional Settings

From the invite modal, you can select Show Additional Settings to set up users with pre-created provisions, membership to topics, posts, and groups, pre-selected favorites, and a custom note.

Requiring admin approval for invitations

If you'd prefer to have your team admins approve all new user invitations, you can set enforce this in your security settings.

To change invitation settings:

  1. Click your team name in the top-left corner of the sidebar.

  2. Click Team Settings in the dropdown menu.

  3. Click Security on the left sidebar.

  4. Under Permissions, click Edit next to Invitations.

  5. Select Invitations must be approved by an admin.

  6. Click Save.

Existing users will then only have the option to submit invitation requests for admin approval. The requests will be sent by email to all team admins, and the admin must approve the request before the new user is invited.

Admins can see all prior and pending invitation requests in their teammates page under the Invitations tab.

Advanced Topics


With Slab Provisions, admins can improve onboarding by setting group membership, topic membership, and favorites for new users. These can be configured through Provisions. Salespeople, for instance, can have their sales playbook front and center when they sign into Slab, while engineers will have access to the private deployment keys when they first log in.

Provisions are proactive, meaning any adjustments that are made after a user has joined will not reactively edit their provisions with an update.

Guest accounts

You can invite people as guests to your Slab account, which limits their access to certain content. Guests are added by assigning a guest Provision to a new user.

SSO Settings

Depending on your team's security settings, invitations may have different requirements:


This allows admins to require their new users to sign up with an SSO integration, versus a username and password.

New Users

This setting allows admins to choose to allow new users to sign up with or without an invitation. Either way, they can sign up/log in using the enabled SSO/SAML integration, such as Google, Okta, or OneLogin.

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