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Using post's / command menu
Using post's / command menu

Slab's Swiss-army knife: the / command menu

Updated over a week ago

The / command menu contains powerful options for formatting your post and inserting additional types of content. It's like your best friend, but with superpowers!

To open the command menu, just type / on an empty line while editing any post. You will be given a list of options, and you continue to type to filter them. Hit Enter or use your mouse to select an option.

In the rest of this article, we will show the different ways you can use the command menu.


There are many options in the command menu for formatting your content:

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Strikethrough

  • Inline code

  • Code blocks (learn more)

  • Headings 1-3

  • Bulleted, numbered, and check lists

  • Blockquotes

  • Hints

You can learn more about formatting here.


Additionally, you can add different kinds of content to your post with the command menu:

💡 Tip: You can use common HTML tag names to quickly search for options in the command menu. For example: /h1, /h2, /h3, /ol, /ul, /img.


You can connect your content using automatically updated mentions. Search for mention in the open / command menu to view the full options. You can mention content from within Slab (like posts, users, topics, etc.), as well as from other platforms (for example, tasks in Asana or GitHub). Learn more about mentions here.

💡 Tip: You can mention a teammate quickly by typing @ followed by their name. You can mention a post or topic by typing + followed by the post or topic's title.


Have a Google Doc or YouTube video you'd like to display in your post? You can embed these and many others using the command menu—just type /embed to see a full list of options. If your admins allow it, you can even embed any iframes. Learn more about embeds here.

💡 Tip: You can paste a link to any supported embed directly into Slab, and it will embed automatically!

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