When blocks and blocks of text just don't cut it, try tables instead — they're a simple, lightweight way to add some structure and organization to your posts! ⚡

Inserting tables

To insert a table, hit / and type Table.

Editing tables

You can edit your tables to add more rows or columns — no need to adjust cell size, as that will happen automatically as you type!

To add more rows: 

  1. Click within the table
  2. Hover to the left of a cell in the column furthest to the left
  3. Click the + on the top to add a row above the cell
  4. Click the + on the bottom to add a row below the cell

To add more columns:

  1. Click within the table
  2. Hover above a cell in the top row
  3. Click the + on the left to add a column to the left of the cell
  4. Click the + on the right to add a column to the right of the cell

To remove a column or row:

  1. Click the rectangle next to or above the row or column you want to delete (this will select the row or column)
  2. Once the row or column is selected, hit Delete

Deleting tables

Use these steps to delete a table:

  1. Click inside the table
  2. Click the circle in the top-left corner (this will select the entire table)
  3. Hit Delete

Inserting tables from Google Sheets and Airtable

If you need more editing and formatting options for your tables — like adjusting the width or height, inserting line breaks or bullets, or merging cells — it might help to use our Google Sheets or Airtable integrations instead. These tables are fully customizable, right within Slab! 

To embed from Google Sheets or Airtable, just paste in a link to the table. 

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