Using tables in posts

Organize your content with tables

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Tables provide a simple and lightweight way to add structure and organization to your posts! Table cells can include images, lists, and many other types of formatting. You can also resize columns to your liking.

Inserting tables

To insert a table in a post:

  1. Start a new line.

  2. Press / key.

  3. Type "table," then press Enter key to select.

Formatting in tables

Hit / to activate the command line menu within any cell. You can choose from different formatting options, such as lists, mentions, images, and more! You can also use the keyboard shortcuts. Learn more about formatting here.

Editing tables

Inserting a column

  1. Click within the table.

  2. Find where you would like to insert the column and hover on the dot above the column border.

  3. Click the + button to insert a column.

Inserting a row

  1. Click within the table.

  2. Find where you would like to add the row and hover over the dot left to the row border.

  3. Click the + button to insert a row.

Resizing rows

  1. Click within the table.

  2. Hover on a border you want to resize.

  3. Use the drag handles to reduce or increase the size

Removing a column or row

  1. Click the rectangle next to or above the row or column you want to delete (this will select the row or column).

  2. Once the row or column is selected, click the πŸ—‘ button to delete. Alternatively, you could press Delete or Backspace on your keyboard.


  1. Click within the table.

  2. Hover over the gray border of the row or column to have the six dots appear.

  3. Drag and drop the row or column to reorder.

Changing table width

  1. Click within the table.

  2. Click the circle at the top left corner of the table.

  3. Click Full width or Default width in the top left menu.

Large tables

Slab paginates long tables automatically to provide the best reading experience. You will see a gray shadow on your table's last row when it is truncated. To load more rows, just click on the gray shadow:

Embed tables from Google Sheets and Airtable

If you need more editing and formatting options for your tables, like formulas or merging cells, it might help to use our Google Sheets or Airtable integration instead. These tables are fully editable, right within Slab! For more information on how these integrations work, refer to the links below:

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