Slab's mentions allow you to add more context and connect content and users. Hover over a mention, and a preview will appear to provide additional information!

Post mentions

To mention another post: in the post editor, type + followed by the name of the post, or copy the other post's URL and paste it in.

Mention a specific post heading

You can mention a specific section in your post through a post heading mention:

  1. Hover over the heading in the post

  2. Click the link icon to copy the heading link

  3. Paste into your post

Creating a post from a mention

To create a new post, simply type + and start typing the title of the new post.

Topic mentions

To mention a topic: in the post editor, type +, followed by the name of the topic, or copy the other topic's URL and paste it in.

Teammate mentions

To mention a teammate: in the post editor, type @, followed by their name. Groups can be mentioned in posts as well using the same method.

The mentioned teammate may get a notification if or when the post is published. You can learn more about notifications here.

Integration mentions

Integration mentions allow you to seamlessly integrate Slab into your workflow. When you copy and paste a link from a supported integration into a post, Slab automatically unfurls and displays additional information. Depending on the source, the information displayed differs.

More information about integrations can be found here.

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