When used well, formatting can make your content easier to digest and can help the most important details stand out. Too much formatting, on the other hand, can cause distraction and disrupt flow. 

We aim to provide a balance between flexibility and simplicity, so we decided to focus on the essentials. With Slab's editor, what you see is what you get! 🎨

Formatting text in posts

There are three ways to format text in your posts. 

Command line menu

Hit / to activate the command line menu. You can choose from different formatting options there, insert a table, embed, and more!

You can also use this menu to add hints. Hints are like blockquotes, only way more colorful! Use them to highlight instructions, warnings, or other important details.

Selection menu

When you select text with your cursor, you'll see a quick-access menu of formatting options.


You can also use shortcuts to format text. This includes universal shortcuts you may be familiar with — like Cmd or Ctrl+B to bold — as well as new ones, like Cmd or Ctrl+Option+1 to create a header. Hit Cmd or Ctrl+/ to see the full list of hotkeys! 

Familiar with Markdown? You can use the same syntax to trigger formatting in the Slab editor. Hit Cmd or Ctrl+/ to see the full list of Markdown options. 

Embedding in posts 

Use the / editor menu to insert images, videos, and more. Learn all about what you can embed here! 

Moving editor elements

Any elements you insert into the editor — including images, videos, and embeds — can be moved by drag-and-drop! Just hover over the element, click the gray dots that appear in the left-hand corner, and drag to move.


Just hit : and start typing a description to add emoji to your posts!

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