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Learn how to create or import content in Slab

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Posts are the backbone of any organization in Slab. With multiple ways to create posts, we've made it easier than ever to put pen to paper, whether you want to start from scratch or import from another source.

Creating a post from scratch

To create a post, click on Create post in the top right corner of the home or topic page.

When you create a post while on the home page, it will be uncategorized; creating a post on a topic page will automatically add the post to that topic.

From your browser's address bar

You can begin drafting a new Slab post in no time by visiting in your browser.

Sidebar shortcut

Using the left sidebar, you can also quickly create a post within a topic/subtopic.

To create a post via the left sidebar:

  1. Hover over the topic/subtopic.

  2. Click the … menu.

  3. Click Create post.

Post mentions

Use mentions to create a new post within an existing post. Click here to learn more about mentions.

To create a post via a mention:

  1. Press + key within the post editor.

  2. Type the name of your new post.

  3. Click Create new post.


Newly created posts are considered drafts and only visible to yourself and those you share them with.

To view your drafts and drafts shared with you, click on Drafts in the left sidebar.

Publishing a post

Publish your post when you're ready to make it more discoverable to other teammates.

To publish a post:

  1. Open the relevant post.

  2. Click Publish in the top right-hand corner.

Creating posts with a template

For more information on creating posts with templates, click here.

Making a copy of a post

Maybe you want to build off of a post without editing the original version. Make a copy!

To make a copy of a post:

  1. Click the … menu in the top right corner of the post page.

  2. Click Make a copy.

Importing content

You might have posts across different tools you would like in your Slab workspace. Slab can import files in multiple formats to help with that.

To import a file:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to Create post when on the home or topic page.

  2. Hover over Import from file.

  3. Click the file type you would like to import.

Additionally, you can import files from Google Drive. Click here for more information.

Creating posts via Slack

With the Slack Integration, you can create posts within Slack with a single command. Click here to learn more about creating posts via Slack.

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