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Whether it's onboarding docs for your newest employee or meeting notes for today's standup, you might find yourself creating the same kind of posts over and over. Instead of spending time making copies of each post, you can use templates to replicate your posts with just one click!

Creating templates

A template is a special kind of post that can be used to create other posts. You can create a template using two methods.

Creating a blank template

To create a blank template:

  1. Click Templates in the left sidebar.

  2. Click Create blank template at the bottom of the Templates page.

Converting a post into a template

By converting a post into a template, the templatized post will serve as a blueprint for creating new posts.

To templatize a post:

  1. Open the relevant post you'd like to convert into a template (it can be a draft or published post).

  2. Click the … menu in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Click Templatize.

A post that has been converted to a template will display a banner across the top, denoting it as such.

Using templates

Posts can be created directly from a template by clicking Create post in the top right-hand corner when viewing a template.

You can also use a template from the Create post menu:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to Create post in the top right corner.

  2. Hover over Templates.

  3. Select a template in the list (or click View all templates for more options).

  4. Click Create post in the top right corner of the template.

Viewing & managing templates

To view and manage templates, click Templates in the left sidebar.

Understanding the Templates page

By default, the Templates page will show templates assigned to topics you are a member of (My Topics).

The Templates page can be filtered to show specific templates. To filter the Templates page, click on My Topics in the top right-hand corner.

Below are the filtering options available on the Templates page:

  • Mine: Show templates you are the owner of that are not assigned to a topic.

  • My Topics: Show templates assigned to topics you are a member of.

  • All Topics: Show all templates assigned to topics that are accessible to you.

  • Unorganized: Show templates not assigned to a topic and you are not the owner of.

The sorting order of the Templates can be changed as well by clicking the sort dropdown list in the top right-hand corner and clicking your preferred order.

💡Tip: Need ideas for a template? The Template page offers a selection of templates curated by top industry leaders from Slab's Library.

Editing templates

To edit a template:

  1. Click on the Templates in the left sidebar.

  2. Click on the template you'd like to edit.

Since templates are just posts, they can be edited like any post. To learn more about formatting in posts, click here.

Sharing templates with your team

Since templates are posts, their visibility can be increased by assigning them to a topic or to specific users or groups. Click here to learn how to share a template via the share menu and here to learn how to add a topic to a template.

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