Our deepest integration, designed to keep your team on the same page.

Why integrate with Slack?

  • Use the /slab command to search for and create posts
  • Get all Slab notifications sent as direct messages from our Slab bot
  • Search Slack from Slab
  • Sign in with Slack and give your teammates an easy way to log in

Enabling the Slack integration

Note: You need to be a team admin to enable this integration.

Head to the admin dashboard by clicking Manage Team in the top left dropdown, then click on Integrations.

In the Slack row, clicking on Integrate will take you through the OAuth flow to connect your Slack account.

After you've set up Slack, you might need to approve the app from Slack. First check if you have the "Approved Apps" setting enabled under <YOUR_TEAM>.slack.com/apps/manage/permissions

If it is enabled, you need to approve the Slab app under /apps/manage 

/slab command to search and create

Use the /slab command to search for posts and share the result directly in the channel.

Need to start a new post? Use /slab create [name].

Push Notifications to Slack

You can send Slab notifications to Slack instead of — or in addition to — your email.  Go to your profile settings > notifications and toggle Slack on.

Our Slab bot will send you a direct message inside Slack.

Search Slack from Slab

Important team knowledge often ends up in Slack.

This is why, in addition to other services, you can connect Slack as a search destination in Slab.

Each team member needs to opt into this individually, and we will only show you messages you already have access to!

To add Slack as a search destination, enter any query and in the results page, click on the + button in the search toolbar. Each user needs to authorize this separately.

Sign in with Slack

You don't have to remember to add every new hire to Slab each time. You can enable Sign in With Slack to allow people on your team access.

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