Post page basics

The basics of a Slab post page

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Posts form the foundation of your team's knowledge base on Slab. In this guide, we'll walk you through the basic functions of a Slab post to get you started.

Switching between Edit and Read modes

Slab offers two distinct modes for interacting with posts: edit mode and read mode. Each is equipped with different features tailored to its function. Additionally, your access level will determine if you can edit a post or if you're restricted to read-only access.

In edit mode, you can actively update a post by adding text, inserting images, and applying formatting. A key feature of Slab is the ability for multiple team members to make edits simultaneously, enabling real-time collaboration.

Read mode, on the other hand, allows for a comfortable reading experience without any risk of accidental edits. You can still participate by adding comments or reactions in this mode.

By default, draft posts are displayed in edit mode, while published posts open in read mode. If you wish to switch between modes, just use the convenient toggle in the top-right corner of the post page.

💡Tip: Navigate even quicker with Slab's keyboard shortcuts. Press e or i for edit mode, and /Ctrl + Enter to switch back to read mode.

Post headers

Table of contents

A table of contents is automatically generated based on the headers in your post. To expand or collapse the table of contents, simply click the icon located in the top left corner of the post.

You can use the table of contents as a map to get to know the post. It is also a way to quickly jump to the section of interest.

Collapsing and expanding headers

Headers can be collapsed and expanded, giving you flexibility over how much content is visible at a time. To do this, hover over a header and click the arrow icon.

It's important to note that collapsing or expanding headers in read mode only affects your personal view. On the other hand, toggling headers in edit mode will persist the change to the post. This allows you, as an editor, to curate the reading experience for your audience.

Sharing header links

Each header has an associated link that can be copied and shared. Simply hover over a header and click the link icon to copy the anchor. Clicking on the header link will directly jump to that section of the post.

When you paste a header link into another Slab post, it transforms into a post mention for that specific section. To learn more about using mentions, click here.

Favorite posts

Create a personal collection of posts you find the most useful by adding them to your favorites. Posts you add to your favorites will appear under the Favorites section in the left sidebar for easy access.

To add a post to your favorites, click on the star icon in the top right corner of the post editor.

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