Adding topics to posts

Organize your posts through topics

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Adding a topic to a post makes it more discoverable for others and allows for better organization in your knowledge base. Multiple topics can also be added to a post, improving the post's reach.

Topics also help control a published post's permissions.

How to add a topic to a post

If your post is in edit mode, click Add a topic... at the top of a post or enable the topic editor by:

  1. Clicking on the ... menu in the top right corner of a post.

  2. Click Edit topics.

  3. Then search and click on the desired topic.

โœ๏ธ Note: If a topic the user is trying to add is showing as grayed out, the user does not have permission to add posts to the specific topic.

You can add multiple topics to a post. This applies additive access to the post. For example, if a post is added to two private topics, both members of the topic will be able to access it.

Removing topics from a post

To remove a topic from a post, enable the topic editor as explained here, then click the X icon next to a topic name.

Adding posts to topics using the Content Map

Click here to learn how admins can add posts to topics using the Content Map.

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