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Creating and sharing public content
Creating and sharing public content

Share content with a public audience

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Want to share your posts and topics with an external audience? Slab supports sharing content securely with people who don't have access to your Slab. This makes it easy to share information with an external audience such as clients, customers, or partners.

This article will explain how public content works, how to make posts and topics public, and how to share them.

Public content sharing

Topics can be made public by setting its "Who can access" setting to Public. Public topics, including their subtopics and posts, are accessible to anyone with their unique URLs.

"There are two ways to make a post public: either by having it within a public topic or through post-level link sharing. When you set a post's link access to Public, anyone can access it through its unique post URL.


Publicly shared content can only be discovered by its randomized URL. They are not automatically indexed by search engines but can be indexed if the content is manually submitted for indexing or shared on a public site.

Public view is read-only

Logged-out team members and external readers accessing public content will see the public version. The public version is read-only and cannot be edited by an outside party.

Making a topic link public

To make a topic public, update the topic permissions to Public.

Make an individual post link public

Follow this guide to set a post's link access to Public.

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