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Learn how your posts are used by your team with Post Insights

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It's important for your organization to know how team members are engaging with their Slab, especially on the post level πŸ“„

Post insights provides a concise view of a post's usage β€” all of which are readily accessible within the post.

Accessing Post Insights

  1. Go to the post page.

  2. Click the … menu in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Click View insights.

How to use Post Insights

At a brief glance, you'll find important data on an individual post including view/read time, related users, creation date, and last updated date.

Usage graph

The graph at the top provides day-to-day usage metrics for posts. See when users engage most with a post by filtering between view or read data, and selecting a timeframe. Posts with high views could indicate that they are high value, and it's worth considering having them verified to keep them up to date.

Related users

Each post has a single owner, but throughout its lifetime, there could be many contributors and readers. Let's break down the different types of users in a post:

  • Owners: Have all permissions to a post. By default, the post creator is the owner, and the owner is also a contributor and reader.

  • Contributors: Anyone who makes an edit to a post (contributors show up with a delay after editing).

  • Readers: Anyone who has viewed the post at any point. They may no longer have access to the post, depending on the permission change.

To expand the entire list of contributors and readers, click the number pill to the right of the profile pictures.


Curious about where your posts are mentioned in Slab? Backlinks make it easy to see where your post is being mentioned in topics, groups, user profiles, and other posts.

With backlinks, users can easily stay informed about the visibility and usage of their posts. Hover over a backlink to see a preview of the content where your post is mentioned!

✏️ Note: A user must have access to the content to see it listed in backlinks.

Insights for the whole organization?

Check out Team Insights for admins.

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