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Searching Slab content
Searching Slab content

Find what you need at blazing-fast speed

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Searching in Slab is easy and fast β€” find what you need with just a few clicks! πŸš€

Using search

To do a full search of your Slab posts, topics, and more:

  1. Click the search bar near the top-left corner of your Slab to focus it

  2. Type your search term

  3. Hit enter to perform the full search

πŸ’‘ Tip: Press the / key from anywhere in Slab to quickly focus the search bar!

To the right-hand side of your search results, you can filter results by content type β€” All, Comments, Groups, Posts, Topics, or Users.

Recently viewed posts

When focusing on the search box, you'll first see a list of your recently-viewed posts. Additionally, you will see some quick navigation options at the bottom.

Quick jump

When you type into the search box and before the full search, you will see some quick jump results:

  • Simple matches with post titles

  • Simple matches with topic names

  • Simple matches with teammates' names or titles

  • Navigation targets such as Home, Drafts, Team Settings, and more

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