Searching in Slab is easy, accessible, and super-fast β€” straight out of the box. Find what you need with just a few clicks! πŸš€

Pro tip: You can press / key to quickly focus on the search box.

Recently viewed posts

When focusing on the search box, first, you'll see a list of your recently-viewed posts. You can navigate to any of these with your keyboard or mouse.

Quick jump results

When you type into the search box, you will see some quick jump results:

  • Simple matches with posts through titles

  • Simple matches with topics through names

  • Simple matches with teammates through names or titles

  • Navigation targets such as Home, Drafts, Team Settings, and more

Full search

To see the full search results, type in your search query and press Enter in the search box.

Here, you can also filter results by type β€” All, Comments, Posts, or Topics.

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