Conquered the basics of searching, and ready to up your game? Let's dive into some tips and tricks for advanced searching. 🔥

Use filtered search to narrow down your search to a specific topic, post owner, or contributor.

Just type your keyword in the search bar, followed by one of our search facets:

  • Within a topic: in:

  • Based on the state: is:

    • Options include: draft, published, public, verified, expired, archived

  • By either post owner or contributor: by:

  • By post owner: owner:

  • By post contributor: contributor:

You'll then see a list of options to choose from depending on the facet. The facet in:, for example, will show a list of topics.

Other filters

You can use quotes to find specific, exact phrases. For example, "search engine" will only match records that include the word "search" next to the word "engine."

To exclude a certain word or phrase from your search, use a minus ("-"). For example, "search -engine" will will only match records that include the word "search" and not the word "engine."

You can search within a number of connected integrations, all without leaving Slab. This includes Asana, Box, Confluence, Dropbox, Google Drive, Guru, Height, Jira, Linear, Slack, Quip, Trello, and Zendesk!

To integrate with services: start your search, then click the ⚙️Manage button to the right of the Search results title.

You'll be able to filter by type — when searching in Slack, for example, you can view results in Channel messages, Direct messages, and Group messages.

Note that each team member will need to enable the "individual" integration, as search results from the individual integrations are limited to individual accounts (for security purposes). Only one team admin needs to enable the "team" integrations, and those search results will be team-wide.

To learn more about unified search, check out the article below!

You can also search your Slab right from your browser! Here's how to get that set up: 


  • Type your team's Slab url into the search toolbar

  • Hit 'tab'

  • Start searching! 


  • Open

  • Click “Add Search Engine” in the dropdown menu of the address bar

  • Choose the Slab icon

Next time you search in Firefox, just enter your keywords into the address bar and click the Slab icon on the dropdown menu to search directly inside your team's Slab!

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