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Advanced searching

Supercharge your search game

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Conquered the basics of searching, and ready to up your game? Let's dive into some tips and tricks for advanced searching. πŸ”₯

Search filters

Use search filters (also known as facets) to narrow down your search to a specific topic, post owner, and more.

You can add the following filters in the search bar. If you add multiple filters, the results have to match all of them.

  • in: β€” find posts within a topic.

  • is: β€” find posts based on their state.

    • Options include: draft, published, public, verified, expired, archived

  • by: β€” find posts by their owner or contributor.

  • owner: β€” find posts with a specific owner.

  • contributor: β€” find posts with a specific contributor.

  • mention: β€” find content mentioning the specified entity.

Adding a filter will show you a list of options to choose from. The filter in:, for example, will show a list of topics.

Date filters

You can also add date filters in the search bar to filter posts before (<) or after (>) a specified date. For example, verified> May 01 finds all posts verified after May 1st:

  • edited> β€” find posts edited before or after a date.

  • published< β€” find posts published before or after a date.

  • verified< β€” find posts verified before or after a date.

  • archived> β€” find posts archived before or after a date.

Adding a date filter will show you a date picker calendar, where you can choose the desired date.

πŸ’‘Tip: To see a list of filters within your Slab:

  1. Click on the search input

  2. Click the β„Ή info button that appears on the right side of the search input

Advanced syntax

You can use quotes to find specific, exact phrases. For example, "search engine" will only match records that include the word "search" next to the word "engine."

To exclude a certain word or phrase from your search, use a minus ("-"). For example, "search -engine" will only match records that include the word "search" and not the word "engine."

Unified search

You can search within a number of connected integrations, all without leaving Slab. This includes Asana, Box, Confluence, Dropbox, Google Drive, Guru, Height, Jira, Linear, Slack, Quip, Trello, Zendesk, and more!

When using unified search, you can filter by result type β€” when searching in Slack, for example, you can view results in Channel messages, Direct messages, and Group messages.

To learn more about unified search, check out the article below!

Browser search

You can also search your Slab right from your browser! Here's how to get that set up:


First, one-time settings change to enable Slab search:

  1. Open your Chrome Settings.

  2. Click Search engine on the sidebar.

  3. Click Manage search engines and site search.

  4. Scroll down to Inactive shortcuts, find Slab in the list, then click Activate.

Now you can search Slab with the address bar:

  1. Type your team's Slab URL into the search toolbar.

  2. Press tab key.

  3. Start searching!


  1. Open

  2. Click the address bar to expand.

  3. Click Add Search Engine "Slab" at the bottom of the menu.

Next time you search in Firefox, just enter your keywords into the address bar and click the same Slab icon on the dropdown menu to search directly inside your team's Slab!

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