If your team is anything like ours, you're constantly updating your documentation and shared knowledge, including the way it's organized. That's why we made Slab Topics flexible and easy to edit! šŸ™ŒĀ 

Editing & deleting topicsĀ 

When viewing the topic, open the menu in the right-hand corner and select Edit topic.

You can change the topic name and description there, as well as delete the topic altogether. You can also change the parent topic with the Organize under... drop-down menu.

Topic descriptions

Topics support rich-text descriptions, meaning you can add different types of formatting in the description field.

To edit a topic's description, click the ā€¦ menu in the corner and choose Edit topic. In the description field, hit / within to see the full list of formatting options!

Changing topic permissionsĀ 

To change who can access a topic, use the Who can access... drop-down menu.Ā 

If you choose Open, anyone on your team will be able to access the topic. If you choose Private, no one will be able to access the topic until you add members to it. This will also automatically set any subtopics to private.

To add members, click the šŸ‘„icon in the top-right corner.Ā 

To change who can edit a topic, use the Members can edit... drop-down menu. Ā If you choose All, any members can edit the topic and its posts. If you choose Posts, any members can edit the topic's posts, but only owners of the topic can edit the topic itself. If you choose None, only owners can edit the topic and its posts.Ā 

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