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Editing topic membership
Editing topic membership

Manage topic members and owners

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Topic membership affects topic permissions. In this article, you will learn how to manage members on a topic: control topic membership inheritance behavior, add or remove topics, and assign roles to users in a topic.

This article assumes you've already had a basic understanding of how topic permissions work. If not, no worries, this article explains it all.

Who can edit topic membership?

Users who have topic edit permission in a specific topic can edit the topic's membership. Exactly who has topic edit permission depends on the topic's permission settings.

Viewing & editing membership

To view or edit members in a topic:

  1. Go to the topic

  2. Click the … menu in the top-right corner

  3. Click Members

Adding teammates, groups, or inheriting from the parent topic

  1. Click on the input at the bottom labeled Add other members

  2. Search for a teammate, or a group using the auto-complete; Or choose the parent topic name to inherit its members

Editing individual membership

To promote, demote and delete a member:

  1. Hover on a topic member

  2. Click the … menu on the right side

  3. Click Make owner, Revoke ownership, or Remove from topic

Access requests

To approve, or decline a topic access request:

  1. Hover on a requester

  2. Click the … menu on the right side

  3. Click Grant access or Decline access

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