In this article, you will learn how to customize a topic page.

Who can do this?

Each topic has its own permission settings. Performing the actions in this article requires the user to have edit permission for the specific topic.

Editing a topic

To edit or delete a topic:

  1. Go to the topic page

  2. Click the … menu in the top-right corner

  3. Click Edit topic

You can change the topic name and description there.

You can also change the parent topic with the Organize under... drop-down menu.

Topics support rich-text descriptions, meaning you can add different types of formatting in the Description field.

Pro-tip: In the field, hit / to see the full list of formatting options.

Changing topic permissions 🔐

To change who can access a topic, use the Who can access... drop-down menu. To change who can edit a topic, use the Members can edit... drop-down menu.

While all the options are explained in the dropdown, Topic permissions provides in-depth information regarding permission options.

Banner image

Add a banner image to your topic that expresses your company's personality! Upload your own or choose from the various images offered in our Library.

To add or remove a banner image:

  1. Go to the topic page

  2. Click the … menu in the top right corner

  3. Click Edit banner image or Add banner image

  4. Choose an image from the Library or click the upload tab to upload your own image

Once your banner image is added, you can drag the image and scroll to zoom if you want to highlight a specific area of your image, and then click Save!

Image tips

When you upload your own banner image, Slab automatically resizes and centers it for you. However, if you are curious about what makes for the best image, here is how your image is positioned:

  1. The banner area has a fixed 200px height

  2. The width of the banner area dynamically fills up the browser window

Based on this algorithm, an image larger than 3000x400 pixels with the key part of the image in the center would work well.

Pinned posts

Need to highlight a post for more visibility on the topic page? Users with edit permission to the topic can pin a post. Pinned posts override the sorting order set, making them appear first in the post list for a topic/subtopic.

To pin a post, click on the pin icon on the right side of the post's name. You can then change the order of pinned posts by drag-and-drop.

User-uploaded Image

Deleting a topic

To delete a topic:

  1. Go to the topic page

  2. Click the … menu in the top-right corner

  3. Click Edit topic

You will see an option to delete the topic at the bottom left corner.

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