Google integration

Slab is built to work well with Google

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From users to content, you can closely integrate Slab with your Google Workspace and Google Drive.

Live embeds in Slab posts

To embed a Google doc, sheet, slide, calendar, or more, click the Share button near the top right-hand corner and click Copy link. To embed calendars, follow the instructions here to get the link.

Then paste the link inside a Slab post to see it automatically expands into a rich and live view! This way, you can keep and refer to all your content in one place. No more hunting for links or keeping multiple tabs open.

✏️ Note: If you encounter issues embedding content, check out our Troubleshooting Google Drive Embeds article.

Team Unified Search

Any teammate can use Unified Search to search their Google Drive within Slab!

File permissions will still apply, so your teammates will not be able to see anything they do not have access to in Drive.

✏️ Note: To enable this feature, a one-time setup by your admin is required. See the Admin setup guide below for details.

Individual Unified Search

You can search your Google Drive directly in Slab. No need to open multiple tabs and dig through multiple sources anymore.

To enable search just for you, follow this guide.

✏️ Note: Connecting to your account also allows you to import drive files directly into Slab.

Google SSO

Google Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it easy for your team to sign into Slab securely.

✏️ Note: To enable this feature, a one-time setup by your admin is required. See the Admin setup guide below for details.

Using multiple Google domains with SSO

Your team may have different domains to represent employees and contractors, or staff and students. Whatever the case may be, Slab supports signing in through multiple Google domains when one is not enough.

To have multiple domains set up in your Slab, contact us at

Admin setup guide

As an admin, you can set up the Google integration for your team to use, and control their permissions:

  1. Click your team name in the top-left corner of the sidebar.

  2. Click Team settings in the dropdown menu.

  3. Click on the Integrations tab, and find Google in the list of integrations.

  4. Click Modify or Enable and follow the instructions in the modal to finish enabling the integration.

  5. Under the Search tab, you can control which Drive your team can search in.

  6. Under the Authentication tab, you can enable Google Single Sign-On for your team.

✏️ Note: You must have a Google Workspace account to do this.

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