Billing FAQs
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Pricing and Plans

For full details on what plans we offer, please take a look at our pricing page here, as well as the FAQs.

Account management

How do I view and manage my current subscription?

Admins can view and manage their subscription on the Billing page, which includes:

  • Changing the plan

  • Adding and updating a credit card

  • Changing who receives invoices emails

  • Canceling the subscription

Learn more about managing subscriptions here.

Does Slab offer a trial period?

Slab offers a 14-day trial period for Startup and Business plans.

An admin can start a trial by:

  1. Going to the Billing page

  2. Next to Choose a plan, select Monthly or Annual

  3. Select Startup or Business

  4. Click Start trial

What happens to content if we switch from a paid plan to a free plan?

Content will still be editable after switching to a free plan, except posts in private and secret topics, which will become read-only.


How do I change the billing details on an invoice?

To add or change billing information on an upcoming invoice, contact

⚠️ Be aware: We cannot make changes to invoices that have already been sent.

How do I view past invoices or billing history?

Contact to request a copy of an invoice.

Canceling an account

How do I delete my account?

Learn how to delete your Slab team here.

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