Billing FAQs
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Pricing and Plans

For full details on what plans we offer, please take a look at our pricing page here, as well as the FAQs.

Account management

How do I view and manage my current subscription?

Admins can view and manage their subscription on the Billing page, which includes:

  • Changing the plan.

  • Adding and updating a credit card.

  • Changing who receives invoice emails.

  • Canceling the subscription.

Learn more about managing subscriptions here.

Does Slab offer a trial period?

Slab offers a 14-day trial period for Startup and Business plans.

An admin can start a trial by:

  1. Going to the Billing page.

  2. Next to Choose a plan, select Monthly or Annual.

  3. Select Startup or Business.

  4. Click Start trial.

What happens to content if we switch from a paid plan to a free plan?

Content will still be editable after switching to a free plan, except posts in private and secret topics, which will become read-only.


How do I change the billing details on an invoice?

To add or change billing information on an upcoming invoice, contact

⚠️ Be aware: We cannot make changes to invoices that have already been sent.

How do I view past invoices or billing history?

To view and download past invoices, admins can access the Customer Billing Portal here using the billing email associated with their Slab account. For more information on how to view and change the billing email address, click here.

If you have any issues viewing your invoices, contact

Canceling an account

How do I delete my account?

Learn how to delete your Slab team here.

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