BambooHR integration

Simplify invitations with BambooHR

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With the BambooHR integration, when inviting a teammate to Slab, their profile will automatically be pulled from their BambooHR account, including their name, email, and title.

How to enable the BambooHR integration

  1. Click your team name in the top-left corner of the sidebar.

  2. Click Team settings.

  3. Click Integrations on the left sidebar.

  4. Find BambooHR in the integrations list and click Enable.

  5. Follow the instructions on the pop-up screen to generate your BambooHR API token and paste it into Slab.

  6. Add your BambooHR subdomain.

  7. Click Enable Integration.

Inviting teammates

After you have connected BambooHR, you can utilize it for inviting new teammates β€” you will see suggested teammates synced from your BambooHR directory in the invite modal:

Click here to learn more about inviting teammates.

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