Post series allow you to organize posts into a sequence. While topics are useful for organizing posts, a series is more helpful when the order of the posts matters. Whether you’re onboarding new employees or outlining a debugging process, you can make sure your content will be read in the right order! 🙌

Creating a new series 

Within a post, open the top-right menu and click Add to series. Name the series, and if you want to add other posts, click Add post. Note that only published posts can be added to series, and drafts cannot.

When you’ve added all your posts, click Save. 

 Adding to an existing series 

You can always add new posts to an existing series. Within a post, open the top-right menu and click Add to series.

Select Existing series and start typing, or use the drop-down arrow to find the series you want. From there, you can add the new post as the latest entry in the series, or you can click and drag the posts to create a new order! 

Editing or deleting a series 

To edit or delete a series, open any of the posts in the series and hover over the purple series name in the top left-hand corner. In the menu that appears, click Edit. 

From there, you can rename the series, reorder the posts, add posts, or delete the series.

From within a post, you can jump to another post in the series by hovering over the purple series name in the top left and selecting a post from the drop-down menu that appears.

You access the same menu, or quickly jump to the next and previous posts in the series, at the bottom of the page!

You can also see an overview of the posts in the series by hovering over a post in the topic page.

Note that if a post is already in a series, it can't be added to another series.

Who can access post series?

Anyone who can edit posts in a series can also edit the series itself, including deleting or changing the name, order, and posts in the series. If a user has access to some posts in a series, but not all, they'll only be able to see the posts they can access. The user won't see any placeholders; it'll just look like there are fewer posts in the series! 

For example, if a "People Ops" series has 4 posts — Hiring Practices, 1:1 Meetings, Employee Reviews, and Employee Reviews Notes  — and a user doesn't have access to Employee Reviews Notes, the series will only appear to have 3 posts. 

What kind of posts can be made into series?

Draft posts can't be in a series. If a previously published post is unpublished — making it a draft again — it'll be removed from the series automatically.

Synced posts from sources like GitHub and GitLab can be made into series, as can public posts! Within a post, click Share → Create public link for each post in the series to make the series public.

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