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Embedding iframes in Posts
Embedding iframes in Posts

Use iframes to embed unique web content into your Slab posts

Updated over a week ago

While Slab has plenty of integrations (and the list keeps growing!), sometimes you may need to embed something unique to your post.

Slab's editor recognizes iframe HTML code for embeddable content so you can continue to keep everything in one central place.

โœ๏ธ Note: This feature is available on Startup, Business, and Enterprise plans.

How to embed an iframe

Embedding content onto a post is super easy with Slab!

  1. Copy the embedded code from your source. This code needs to contain the iframe HTML tag

  2. Paste the iframe code into a Slab post

If the iframe's source host is allowed by the admin, Slab will automatically unfurl your content as an embed.

Allowed iframe hosts

Admins have full control over what hosts are allowed to be embedded in their Slab organization. Click here to learn more.

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