Your most important content goes through a lot of changes before it's perfected. Knowing what was changed, when, and by whom helps your team understand the reasoning behind the changes. 

Whether you want to find that extra context — or you've accidentally deleted so much that you're beyond the help of Undo — we've got you covered! You can always find and restore past versions of your post. 🙏

Accessing past versions 

Within any draft or published post, go to the top-right menu and select View history

In the Versions sidebar that appears, you'll be able to see the post's latest edits and when they were made. 

Comparing changes 

To compare versions, click on a past version in the sidebar, and Shift+Click to select previous versions. The text in green is current, and the text in red is from previous versions. You can use this to compare changes side-by-side, which is especially helpful for viewing many edits made over time!

You can also check out a post's resolved comments by going to the Comments tab! 

Restoring past versions 

Select an older version in the right-hand list, and then click Restore this version at the top.  Note that only users with editing access to the post will be able to restore it.

This will replace the current version with the selected past version. 

That version will then become the new current version, and the version that was replaced will still be available in the post's history.  You'll never lose a single version of your post! 

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