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Leaving comments

Have thoughts or feedback for a teammate you would like to leave in a post? Comments can be left on edit and read mode to do just that!

To leave a comment:

  1. Highlight the relevant text

  2. Click the 💬 comment bubble icon in the toolbar

  3. Type out your comment

  4. Click Post

Resolving comments

Once a comment has been addressed, any user can click Resolve to archive the comment.

Unresolving comments

All resolved comments are accessible in the post version history. Comments can be unresolved so that they are viewable on the post again.

To unresolved a comment:

  1. Go to the post page

  2. Click the … menu at the top right corner

  3. Click View history

  4. Click the Comments tab in the right sidebar

  5. Find the comment thread and click Unresolve

Deleting a comment thread

Original commenters can delete comment threads they created.

Note: Deleted threads will not show up in the post's history.

To delete a thread:

  1. Click on the comment

  2. Hover over the first comment and click the menu

  3. Click Delete thread

  4. Click Delete in the popup confirmation window

Using mentions in comments

Mention teammates, groups, topics, and posts in your comments!

To mention a teammate or group, click the @ icon or type @ and the teammate/group's name within the comment box.

Type + and the post or topic name within the comment box to mention a post or topic.

Reacting to comments

React to comments with an emoji to indicate that the comment has been completed, seen, approved, or anything else!

To react to a comment:

  1. Click on the comment

  2. Hover over the comment

  3. Click the emoji icon


See a post you like or thought was helpful? Show appreciation for your teammate's post by clicking on the thumbs-up icon on the left-side of the post page!

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