Asana is one of the most trusted project manager tools out there. It's versatility makes it a valuable part of any team's workflow. Integrating Asana with Slab embeds critical information from Asana directly into your internal wiki, making your documentation a more powerful team resource.

Note: You need to be a team admin on Slab and Asana to enable this integration.

How to enable the Asana integration

  1. Navigate to the admin settings by clicking on the top left dropdown menu and clicking “Team Settings”
  2. Click on the “Integrations” tab
  3. Find the Asana row and click “Enable”

4. Enter your Asana login credentials on the following screen.
5. Click on "Allow" to authorize Slab to connect to your Asana workspace.

How this integration works

Asana tasks each have their own URL. Once inside your desired Asana task, copy the URL from your web browser.

Paste an Asana link inside a Slab Post. We'll unfurl it, revealing the task's title and status — which we update automatically. Hover over the link to reveal more critical details, including description, project, assignee and due date.

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