Slab supports SAML 2.0 SSO via Okta. If you're interested in using the Okta SCIM integration as well, see this article.

Supported features

The following SAML features are supported:

  • SP-initiated SSO
  • IdP-initiated SSO
  • JIT (just in time) provisioning


You must have an Okta account and be on the Business or Enterprise plan for Slab.

Configuration steps

1. Go to your Okta Admin Dashboard → Applications → Add Application.

2. Search for Slab and add it.

3. In the General Settings, enter your default Slab subdomain. For example, if you log into Slab with, enter myteam and click Done.

4. The app will now be added to your team but it is still not ready for use. In Slab, go to Team settings → Integrations → Okta and click Enable.

5. In the Enable Okta modal you'll find either your Org ID of the format abcd1234 or SAML ID of the format okta-abcd1234. Note down the OrgID (it's the part after okta- in SAML ID).

6. Back in Okta Dashboard, go to the Sign On tab, and click Edit.

7. Under Advanced Sign-On Settings, enter the Org ID in the text field with the same label and save.

8. In the same Sign-On tab, click on the Identity Provider metadata link under the View Setup Instructions button. This should download your SAML IdP Metadata XML file - Copy its contents.

If visiting the URL does not download the XML file and opens it in the browser instead, do not copy it directly and instead view the page source in the browser to reveal full XML contents before copying it.

9. Back in the Okta Integration modal in Slab, paste your IdP metadata and click Enable Integration.

10. Make sure Enable Okta Single Sign-On is checked, and click Save.

11. (Optional) Enable Provisioning with SCIM for your team members.

12. Under the Assignments tab, assign all users you want to allow access to Slab.


Reinstall Integration

If you're missing features from your Slab integration in Okta (SCIM for example), you might be on an older version. You can reinstall the integration and safely move users over to the new version by following these steps:

  1. Do not remove your old Slab application from Okta Admin Dashboard just yet.
  2. In Slab integration settings, make a backup of your old IdP metadata, before removing the Okta integration.
  3. Repeat the Configuration Steps above to install the latest version of the Slab app alongside your existing installation.
  4. Enable user provisioning with SCIM.
  5. Reassign all the users on the previous Slab app to the new Slab app.
  6. Test that SAML 2.0 SSO is working correctly in Slab with the new app.
  7. If it is, you can safely deactivate the old Slab app in Okta. Wait at least a month before deleting the old Slab app; until you are sure that SAML is working correctly for all users.
  8. If you encounter any issues, reach out to us directly at

Other Issues

Having issues setting up the integration? Contact for help.

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