Slab supports SAML 2.0 SSO via Okta. If you're interested in using the Okta SCIM integration as well, see this article.

Supported features

The following SAML features are supported:

  • SP-initiated SSO
  • IdP-initiated SSO
  • JIT (just in time) provisioning


You must have an Okta account and be on the Business or Enterprise plan for Slab.

Configuration steps

1. Add Slab as an application in your Okta account.

2. Under the General tab, add your team's subdomain in Slab. For example, if you log into Slab with, add "myteam" as your subdomain.

3. Once Slab has been added as an application, go to SAML Settings → General and create your SSO URL by adding your SAML ID to the end of this URL: For example: if your SAML ID is is okta-123abcd, the URL will be:

4. Make sure "use this for Recipient URL and Destination URL" is checked.

5. Then, use this link to generate an IDP metadata file — skip to Step #2 under Configuration and you'll see the metadata there if you're logged into your Okta account.

6. In Slab, go to Team settings → Integrations → Okta and click Enable.

7. Paste in your metadata there, and click Enable Integration.

8. Make sure Enable Okta Single Sign-On is checked, and click Save.


Having issues setting up the integration? Contact for more help.

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