Have some documentation scattered in different tools? Here's how to import things into Slab.

What import sources does Slab support?

Slab supports the following import sources:

  • Markdown, or any source that can be exported to Markdown
  • GitHub wiki
  • Dropbox Paper
  • Notion

Read on for more information on how to import from these sources.

How to Import

You need to be a team admin to proceed.

First, click on the top left dropdown > Manage Team > Import.

You'll see several options. Here are the import types supported:

GitHub Wiki

We have a 1-click import for GitHub wiki. Simply click on "Manage Team" in the top left dropdown, and then "Import"

Clicking "Import" on the GitHub wiki row will take you through the authorization flow for your GitHub account.

Markdown files

Markdown files, or .md files, are a standard format supported by many editors. Slab will let you import arbitrary markdown files.

Simply click on "Manage Team" in the top left dropdown, and then "Import" > "Markdown Files".  Tip: you can drag in several at a time.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper exports to markdown, which can then be imported into Slab.

Import docs 1 by 1

Import all docs

Dropbox Paper has the option to bulk export all your documents to markdown. To do so, go to paper.dropbox.com and click on your avatar in the top right > "Download docs you created"


Go  to the document you want to export, and click on the buttons in the top right > Export > Export as Markdown. If you have subpages in Notion that you want to export, make sure to hit "Export all as Markdown".

Google Docs

Coming soon!

Microsoft Office

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Need more help?

We are happy to help you import anything into Slab! Email us at [email protected] with your requests.

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