Troubleshooting Office 365 embeds
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If you are having difficulty with embedding Office 365 content, this article will help get you on the right track by walking you through some common problems and how to fix them! πŸ› 

Problem 1 - My document says to sign in to Microsoft, but I already am

The embedded Microsoft document needs to read your account information from its cookies. Even though there's no data exchange between Microsoft and Slab, our differing domains mean the browser interprets the Microsoft cookie as a 3rd-party cookie.

Since 3rd-party cookies have been exploited by ad providers, some browsers now block them. Despite the fact that the cookie's use here isn't related to tracking or privacy concerns, it can still be blocked.

To bypass this restriction:

  1. Click on the link beneath the embedded content, opening it in a separate tab.

  2. Consider accessing the Slab post using a different browser.

  3. Enable 3rd-party cookies, sometimes termed "cross-site tracking", in your browser's privacy settings.

    1. In Safari, go to Preferences β†’ Privacy and uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking".

    2. In Firefox, go to Preferences β†’ Privacy & Security. Under Enhanced Tracking Protection, select Custom, then uncheck Cookies.

    3. In Chrome, go to Preferences β†’ Privacy and security β†’ Cookies and other site data and select Allow all cookies.

Problem 2 - When I paste the link to my document into Slab: nothing happens, it's blank, or I see an error

Microsoft allows you to share documents with different audiences via the share settings. However, only certain of these settings are compatible with Slab.

When you want to embed an Office 365 document in a Slab post, make sure that you select one of the following settings when creating the share link:

  1. Anyone - anyone with the link will be able to view the document.

  2. People with existing access - only people who already have access will be able to view the document.

Using the other settings (People in [company] or People you choose) will not allow for embedding in a Slab post.

Other issues

Still having trouble with embedding your Office 365 content? Reach out to for help.

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