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Troubleshooting Unexpected Formatting
Troubleshooting Unexpected Formatting

Troubleshooting unexpected formatting caused by Chrome Extensions

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If you're seeing strange formatting in Slab, a Chrome extension may be the culprit! This article will help you quickly identify them so you can get back to work, without the distractions!

✏️ Note: Aside from Chrome, browsers like Arc, Edge, Brave, and Opera also allow the use of Chrome extensions.

Identifying the culprit

Start by accessing the list of installed extensions in your browser. To do this, go to your browser settings and look for an option related to Extensions (many browsers display this with a jigsaw 🧩 icon).

Check if any of these common culprits show up:

If you don't see your extension in the list, you can try logging into your Slab in private or incognito mode, which disables all extensions. If the formatting is fixed, the issue may be caused by an extension we have not yet identified. Please send a list of your extensions to so we can investigate them.

Disabling the culprit

In most browsers, you can disable the culprit in your extensions list by toggling it off, or removing it altogether. You may need to refresh your Slab to see changes.

Still seeing an issue?

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