Microsoft integration

Slab integrates with Microsoft, allowing your team to sign on with Azure AD SSO, and unfurl links and search Slab posts directly in Teams!

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You will need to be on the Business plan to set up the Microsoft integration in Slab. Additionally, you must be a team admin and have a Microsoft business account to enable it.

To enable the Microsoft integration:

  1. Click your team name in the top-left corner of the sidebar.

  2. Click Team Settings in the dropdown menu.

  3. Click Integrations in the left sidebar.

  4. Click Enable next to Microsoft and follow the OAuth flow to connect your Microsoft account.

Supported cloud endpoints

Slab supports connecting to the following cloud endpoints:

  • (Azure global service)

  • (Azure US Government)

  • (Azure China operated by 21Vianet)

Azure AD SSO

Azure AD Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it easy for your team to sign into Slab securely.

To enable Azure SSO:

  1. In Slab, make sure the Microsoft integration is enabled.

  2. Click the checkbox for Enable Microsoft Single Sign-On

  3. Click Save.


Our Teams integration allows you to unfurl Slab links and search your entire Slab directly in Teams.

To enable Teams:

  1. In Slab, make sure the Microsoft integration is enabled.

  2. In Teams, click Apps in the left sidebar and type "Slab" into the search bar.

  3. Click into the Slab app and click Add (if you don't have permission to add Slab, request help from a Microsoft admin).

Teams integration features

Link unfurling

Simply copy and paste a Slab post link into Teams, and more details will be shown.

Search Slab posts in Teams

There are two ways to search Slab posts in Teams:

  1. Use the search bar:

    1. Type "@slab" in the search bar at the top.

    2. Click the @Slab app.

    3. Type in your search term.

  1. Use the toolbar menu:

    1. Open a chat.

    2. Click the … menu in the toolbar menu at the bottom.

    3. Click the Slab app.

    4. Type your search query.

You can click on a post in the search results to unfurl it in the message bar.

✏️ Note: The toolbar menu does not allow apps (including Slab) to be used when chatting with yourself or with external customers.

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