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Your Slab home page
Your Slab home page

Get around your Slab quickly using the home page

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Stay up-to-date with what's going on in your organization using the Slab Home page. Here, you can check out the activity feed to keep up to date with changes, and quickly access recently viewed posts.

You can reach the Home page from anywhere within Slab by clicking your team's icon in the left-hand sidebar.

Team description

Your team admin can change the team description to include announcements or other helpful content. This description shows at the top of the Home page.

Admins can learn how to edit the description here.

Recently viewed posts

The Viewed section allows you to quickly navigate to posts you've recently read or worked on. Simply scroll down on the Home page to view these posts.

Activity feed

The Activity feed helps you stay in touch with changes in your team's Slab. Here you'll see updates made to the posts you can access, including edits, comments, and publishing.

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