Things change. Sometimes it happens (if we're lucky) slowly over time, but as we all know, change at work is usually rapid and major adjustments need to be made — stat.

Whether it's new departments, responsibility changes, or a complete organizational overhaul, Slab's Content Map makes it easy to change your topic as your organization grows and changes.

What's a Content Map?

The Content Map is bird's eye view of your Slab account. As a user, it's a great way to understand which responsibilities or topics that are in each department. As an admin or topic owner, it's a useful tool for that too, but you also get the ability to restructure documentation at the organizational level.

There are two ways to access Content Maps in Slab — via side-bar or via topic page.

How to Access Content Map

  1. On the left side-bar, select Content Map next to the blue bar icon

  2. Within a topic or subtopic main page, select the blue bar icon at the top right of the page. This will show you a Content Map for solely this topic.

Filtering Content Map

  1. Go to Content Map

  2. Click Filter in top left

  3. Filter by topic

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Reorganizing Content

Note: This is available to Admins or Topic Owners only.

  1. Go to Content Map

  2. Click Re-Organize in top right

From here, you can do the following:

  • Use checkboxes and drag and drop to move/re-org posts, topics, and sub-topics

  • Scroll all the way to the right to create a new topic/sub-topic

  • Select the 3-dot menu next to a post to pin/unpin

  • Select the 3-dot menu to archive or delete

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