Whether it's new departments, responsibility changes, or a complete organizational overhaul, Slab's Content Map makes it easy to change your topics and posts as your organization grows and changes.

What's a Content Map?

The Content Map is a bird's eye view of your Slab account. As a user, it's a great way to understand which responsibilities or topics are in each department. As an admin or topic owner, it's a useful tool for that too, but you also get the ability to restructure content at the organizational level.

How to Access Content Map

There are two ways to access Content Maps in Slab — via the sidebar or via the topic page.

On the left sidebar, click Content Map for the root-level view. You can then click on specific topics to focus on them.

Or, within a topic or subtopic page, click the ... menu at the top right corner, then click Content Map. This will show you a Content Map for solely this topic.

Filtering Content Map

  • To filter by subtopics: Click Filter button at the top left and select subtopics

  • To filter out posts: Click Hide posts button at the top right corner

Reorganizing Content

Note: This is available to Admins or Topic Owners only.

On the Content Map page:

  1. Click Reorganize at the top right corner

From here, you can do the following:

  • Use checkboxes and drag and drop to move/re-org posts, topics, and sub-topics

  • Scroll all the way to the right to create a new topic/sub-topic

  • Select the 3-dot menu next to a post to pin/unpin, archive, or delete

  • On the organizational level: organize uncategorized posts

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