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Referral program
Referral program

Share Slab and get rewarded πŸ’›

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Slab's referral program allows Slab users to share the love β€”Β and we'll share it right back.

How it works

New accounts that sign up using your referral link will receive 20% off their first 3 months on our Startup or Business plans. We kindly ask that you don't use the referral code for your own account or for the company that you work for.

On the 8th of each month, if a team you have referred has become a customer with at least 5 seats for at least 30 days, we will email you an Amazon gift card - $100 for a Startup subscription, $200 for Business. (We reserve the right to declare a referral ineligible if we believe that you're abusing the referral program.)

How to Refer

  1. Go to your Slab organization homepage

  2. Click the round ? button in the bottom right-hand corner

  3. Click Refer & earn to get your shareable link

When your friends sign up for Slab using your link, we automatically track and apply your bonus.

Alternatively, you could use our referral form to refer a specific friend.

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