The homepage is the first thing you'll see when you log into Slab. It has 4 key components: the left-hand sidebar, the right-hand activity feed, the description, and the recently-viewed list.

Left-hand sidebar

The left-hand sidebar is the main navigational interface in Slab. It contains links to:

  • The homepage

  • Your drafts

  • Team and personal templates pages

  • Team content map page (where you can see all topics and posts)

  • Your favorites

  • Your topics (topics that you've joined)

  • All topics

  • Your apps (integrations that your team has installed)

Favorites, my topics, all topics, and apps are collapsible sections, allowing you to customize what you see.

Homepage description

Team admins can add rich-text details to the homepage to provide more context on how to use Slab and to point users in the direction of relevant content.

Hover to the left of the Activity feed to start editing your description. You can use all kinds of rich formatting options here, like mentions of posts, topics, and teammates, lists, hints, and more. Hit / to see the full list of formatting options!

Activity feed

The activity feed on the right-hand side gives you insight into updates and changes in the topics you've joined. You'll be able to see comments, edits, and deletions here.

Viewed posts

Finally, the viewed section reflects posts that you've viewed recently. You can view these posts in list or card form.

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