By default, all topics and subtopics are organized alphabetically, but choosing a custom order can help make your team find and navigate your content more easily.

Reordering top-level topics

To reorganize a top-level topic, hover over the All Topics section in the left-hand sidebar → click the menu → click Reorder topics.

Only team admins can reorganize top-level topics.

Reordering subtopics

To reorganize any subtopics, start in the topic page, click the menu in the right-hand corner → choose Reorder subtopics.

Both team admins and standard users can reorder subtopics within a topic, depending on the topic's permissions.

If the topic editing permission is set to All, anyone can edit the topic, and therefore anyone can reorganize the subtopics. If it's set to Posts or None, only topic owners can edit the topic, and therefore only topic owners can reorganize the subtopics. (You can check the topic's editing permissions by clicking the ... menu in the right-hand corner → choose Edit topic → scroll down to the Members can edit section.)

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