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Admins control high-level settings for their team's Slab, and are able to access certain restricted features.


A post's contributors have edited the post in some way, but they aren't the primary contributor (a.k.a. the maintainer).


A draft post has not yet been published, and it is only visible to its creator and/or anyone with the URL.


Favorites are topics and posts pinned to your left-hand sidebar for easy access.


Guests have limited access to your team's Slab — they're typically contractors, investors, etc.


Hints are colorful blocks that help you make important details stand out within posts.


A post's maintainer is the primary contributor to the post.


Members of topics have standard permissions, and depending on the settings of the topic, they may not be able to edit the topic.


You can use mentions to reference another post or teammate within a post, or to refer to teammates within comments.

Open topic

An open topic can be accessed by anyone, regardless of whether they are a member of the topic.


An owner of a topic has permissions to access and edit every part of the topic.


Posts are the basic building blocks for creating content in Slab.

Post series

Post series help you organize your posts into a certain sequence.

Private topic

The posts in private topics can only be accessed by members, and membership must be granted by an owner of the topic.


Provisions help admins assign topic membership and favorites for users in advance — this is especially useful for onboarding new teammates.

Public posts

Public posts can be viewed externally by anyone with the URL.

Standard user

Standard users have a basic level of access to Slab, and can't adjust any team-wide settings.


Subtopics function like any other topic, and are simply nested within a parent topic.

Table of contents

A post's table of contents contains links to any type of header in the post.

Team Insights

Team Insights are stats that help you keep your content fresh and useful — they include your most popular posts, top contributors, and teammates who use Slab consistently.


Topics are the primary organizational structure within Slab — they're like super-charged folders for storing posts.

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