Welcome to Slab! 

We're glad to have you join us on our mission to knock down knowledge silos. Let's start building your team's long-term memory! 🧠

Design your profile

Your profile helps your teammates learn more about you and your contributions to Slab, and allows them to contact you quickly.

Customize yours by clicking on your account icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page and selecting Profile. Add a photo, title, and description! 

Create a post

It's time to create your first post in Slab. Treat this post as your sandbox, and use it to test out Slab's editing superpowers! 

From the homepage, click Create post in the top-right corner. Hit / to check out formatting options! 

Join topics

Next, join some topics that are relevant to you. You don't necessarily need to be a member of a topic to access its posts, but you should join topics that you plan to contribute to! 

Just open the topic page and click Join topic in the right-hand corner.

Become a Slab wizard

Ready to level up? Check out these resources for mastering all that Slab has to offer: 

  • Onsite tutorials. Within Slab, click the ? icon in the right-hand corner Onboarding tips

  • Help center. You'll find how-tos, tips, and more. 

  • Video guide. Learn the ropes with a walkthrough with a Slab expert! 

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