If you're an admin, you can change the user type of any other teammate in Slab. 

Viewing teammates

To view all of your teammates on Slab, click your team icon in the top-left corner and select Teammates. You'll then see a list of teammates by type — active, admins, guests, invited, and deactivated. 

Changing a teammate's access level

Admins can upgrade or downgrade a user's access. 

Just hover over their name and click the ... menu that appears. For standard users, you'll see the options Promote to admin or Downgrade to guest. For admins, you'll see the option Downgrade to standard user. For guests, you'll see the option to Upgrade to standard user

Editing a teammate's profile

Team admins can also edit other teammates' profiles. Within the Teammates page, hover over a teammate's name, click the ... menu that appears, and select Edit profile.

You'll be able to edit their photo, name, title, and description.

Inviting new teammates

Click the Invite teammates button to add new users to your Slab. Or, if you have Slack or G Suite integrated, we'll automatically pull a list of everyone associated with your company Slack or G Suite accounts.

You can then choose the type of user — member, admin, or guest. 

You can invite teammates with their name and email address, or with a custom link if you've turned that on in your provision settings. You can also choose a type of provision.

If your team's authentication settings require single-sign on (SSO), then you'll only be able to invite users with your team email address. 

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