Active participation is essential for keeping team documentation relevant, useful, and fresh. With comments and reactions, your team can easily collaborate and engage to make your shared knowledge even better! 💡


Have thoughts or feedback for a teammate? Just highlight text while in reading mode, click the 💬 icon, and comment away! 

In reading mode, you'll see this: 

In editing mode, you'll see this:

Once a comment has been addressed, any user can click Resolve to remove the comment. All past comments will still be visible in the post's version history.

You can also mention teammates in comments. Just type @ to mention!


See something you like? To show your appreciation for your teammates' thinking, you can like entire posts by clicking on the 👍 icon that appears on the left-hand side of the page. 


Users who have read-only access to a post will still be able to comment on and react to the post. 

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