It's possible to use your own domain with Slab. Instead of visiting Slab at, you can use something like This feature is available to our Business or Enterprise plan users.

Set Up Your Custom Domain

To get started, you'll need to create a CNAME record in your DNS settings. In most cases, your DNS provider is the company you registered your domain name with, such as Cloudflare, GoDaddy, NameCheap, or Google Domains.

When you create the CNAME, you'll need to fill in a few fields:

  • Record Type should be set to CNAME

  • The Hostname is whatever you want the new URL to be. Example:

  • The Target points back to Slab's servers and should be set as:

  • TTL can be left at the default setting

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Once you've created a CNAME, head into your admin settings in Slab and go to Team. Under Custom Domains, click Add and type in your new domain name. Once we can verify access, a "Live" badge will appear next to the custom domain. Note this means the CNAME record has propagated to Slab's servers, but may differ for those on your team, depending on their internet service providers.

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Setting the default host

To enforce your custom domain as the default host for your Slab account, click the ... button to the right of your custom domain and select Set as default.

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Will this work with a root domain?

No, we only support subdomain redirects. That means your custom URL will always look something like (subdomain) instead of (root domain). However, you can use and set up to redirect to

What happens to our Slab subdomain?

By default, Your Slab subdomain will continue to work as it is, and will not redirect to your custom domain. This way, there is always a backup way to access Slab in case your DNS setting runs into issues. However, if you would like to enable an automatic redirect, please reach out to support, and we will set it up for you.

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