There are a number of ways you can organize and personalize your documentation, including Slab's Topics, Subtopics, and Favorites. 

Topics & subtopics

Topics and subtopics help your team team organize posts in a logical order. Unlike with folders, topics allow posts to be tagged in multiple places. For example, your team's style guide could be tagged in a Product Team topic as well as the Marketing Team topic. 

How to create a topic and subtopic

All members of your Slab can create topics and subtopics. Guests can create topics in the areas of Slab they have access to.

There are two ways to create a topic or subtopic.

  1. At the top of a post, when you type out a topic name that doesn't yet exist, you have the option to create a new topic. 

  2. Click on the "+" symbol next to Topics in the left-hand menu

When creating a topic, a popup modal will appear where you:

  1. Name the topic. Topics can be named anything. Choose a name your team will recognize, such as the name of your divisions (Operations, Marketing), or clients (if you're an agency, for example). 

  2. Provide a description. This is not required; however, descriptions clarify the purpose of that topic. 

  3. Organize your topic. Here's where your topic can remain a topic, or become a subtopic. Leave this field blank if you want this to be a main topic. If, however you want it to be a subtopic, nest it inside its intended parent topic. 

  4. Grant access level. By default, your topic is Open, meaning anyone with access to your team Slab can access and find this topic, as well as all posts and subtopics inside this topic. Change the access level to Private to limit access only to members of this topic or subtopic. Posts in private topics will not appear in search results for non-members. Learn more about permission levels here

  5. Grant editing permissions. 

The default editing permission is All, but you have complete control over how you choose to grant editing permissions for both topics and subtopics. 

How to assign topics and subtopics to posts

You can assign a topic or subtopic to a post inside the post itself.

To add a post to an existing topic or subtopic, click on Add a topic... at the top of the post. A dropdown list of your existing topics and subtopics will appear:

You can either scroll the list until you see your preferred topic/subtopic, or you can type the name of your existing topic to filter your results.

To add a post to a new topic or subtopic, click on Add a topic... at the top of the post. Type the name of the topic you'd like to create, then click the Create "post name" link that appears. Your topic will be created, and your post will be added to that topic. 

You can assign posts to multiple topics as well. In the image below, our post lives inside our existing Blog topic, as well as a new topic we're creating, called Guest Post. 

Learn more about Topic and Subtopics, including how to assign different permissions, here


Any member of your team Slab can mark a post, topic, or subtopic as a favorite. Favorites are housed in the left-hand menu for easy reference.

To mark a post as favorite, click on the favorite icon on the left-hand side of the post:

To mark a topic or subtopic as favorite, click on the favorite icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen:

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