All posts begin as drafts, and remain as drafts until you publish them. 


Slab's WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to edit content.

Hit / to insert images, videos, lists, and code snippets, or highlight a section and select one of the formatting options.

If you're familiar with markdown, you can use markdown syntax to trigger formatting in the Slab editor.


With Slab, you can embed content from other apps (such as Dropbox, G Suite, and GitHub) right into a Slab post. 


Link to other posts using by typing "+". Typing "@" will search everything inside your knowledge library, including all posts, topics, and members.


When you're ready to share your doc, you have a few options:

  • Share privately with other team members using the "Share" button or by copying the link. You can collaborate in real time and get the doc to a great state.

  • Publish across the team. Your post will instantly become searchable and browsable by everyone. Add a topic or two to make it easy to discover.


Teammates can use reactions and comments on specific lines and phrases of a post to offer feedback.

While in Reading view, highlight the text you want to provide feedback on. A toolbar will appear with the option to comment or react with a ? or 👍.

Archive Posts

Archiving is a great way to declutter your Slab without losing crucial information. 

Archived posts:

  1. Don't show up in your topics lists (unless you want them to)

  2. Are de-prioritized in search results (making it easier to find what you need faster)

  3. Are not permanently deleted (so you can find them whenever you want)

You can archive any published post by clicking on the More Actions ellipses in the main nav: 

Assign New Post Owners (admin only)

When admins deactivate team members from Slab, they can assign new owners to these team members' existing posts. Owners are responsible for managing and updating their posts. 

By assigning a new post owner, you can ensure that content inside your knowledge base isn't left abandoned.

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