Team Insights help admins keep their knowledge base relevant and useful.

Access your Team Insights from your main menu, on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you'll find important data about your team's Slab usage, including your reading and writing time, most popular posts, top writers, and top readers.

How to use Team Insights

Your most popular posts are usually the most useful (teammates tend to reference useful posts often). A post with thanks often signifies content teammates really appreciate.

Surprised that one of your posts isn't as popular as it should be? Consider updating it to make it more useful. Look at how your popular posts are presented, and replicate them for your underperforming posts. For example, teammates find posts with images or embeds from other apps (Dropbox, G Suite) extremely useful and easy to read.

Top Contributors and Voracious Readers

Your top contributors and voracious readers engage the most with your team's Slab. Reward these teammates for their active participation, and consider asking them to share their processes with their colleagues!

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