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Diagrams help visualize your ideas, and with Slab's (formerly integration, you can include them right in your posts! This integration works out of the box with no setup required!

Note: Diagrams must first be stored in Google Drive to be embedded.

To embed a diagram:

  1. Choose Google Drive as your storage option for the diagram.

    Note: If it's your first time saving your diagram, Google Drive will require you to authorize access before saving into Google Drive

    User-uploaded Image
  2. Choose whether the diagram is a New Diagram or Open Existing Diagram

    User-uploaded Image
  3. When you're ready to embed, click the Share button in the right-hand corner

    User-uploaded Image

  4. Select Copy link to copy the embed link:

    User-uploaded Image

  5. Paste the link into Slab and watch the embed appear!

    User-uploaded Image
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